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Get A Hobby Maybe?

Get A Hobby Maybe?


Let's be honest most of us has gone thought some form of stress whether it's big or small. Everyone handles it differently as well. A year ago I was not where I wanted to be mentally. I was tired, irritable, and in some moments, it seemed more like depression than stress. Even my period was all out of order. I just wasn't myself.

Two weeks ago, my best friend told me to get a hobby. Something that takes your mind of things for awhile. I'm going to be up front with you I'm not very artistic when it comes to the creative department. I started to wonder if I was the only one that felt like this. Which led me to create this site to share my story. From being a mom, dating in my 30’s, even struggling to live a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to create an outlet for myself and others. you know, normal life stuff. Something we can connect and relate to.

Stress is a common struggle we often face.

Stress is a common struggle we often face.

Stress isn't something we look forward to like birthdays and vacations. Sometimes managing stress through a hobby can be beneficial to our health. To those who are battling stress, I completely understand.

There are plenty of hobbies out there for example:

  • sewing

  • writing poems

  • taking dance classes

  • Hey! Start a blog

  • adult coloring

  • start a video diary

Here's how I manage my stress:

  • Tea

  • working on my blog ( my hobby)

  • Music

Just finding a healthy hobby to help lower stress levels just might work.

For more info check out these great sites that can help women battle stress:

Co-parenting 101

Co-parenting 101