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Single and Dating...

Single and Dating...

We all know at some point after a failed relationship we gotta move on and focus on our individual selves On that journey I might start dating again. While I’m attending interviews for a match ( It’s my version of going out on dates) I always keep in mind how my kids might approve overall. Yes it matters!

I feel like we don't ask enough questions when we go on dates. Not those obvious questions like “Tell me about yourself?”. I’m referring to questions like “Do you have a criminal background and for what? lol yes I’m serious. I have kids. There safety is my only concern. Have you watch the news lately? No matter how much I like a guy/girl I will never put them over my kids.

My top questions on a date:

  1. How are you with kids?

  2. How many do you have/want if any?

  3. How do you feel about my relationship with me and my children father?

    Of course this is only after I explain it to them of course. We have a healthy relationship and I need he/she to understand and respect that.

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to dating. Yes I like everything you see in movies like dinner and a movie and cute little outings. Even with all of that I’m not so quick to introduce them to my kids. My introduction would have to be a year. Yeah I said that. Do you blame me? again have you seen the news lately? I am very cautious and have every reason to be. I am also the same way if they also had kids.

Their father and I have had this discussion before. Agreeing that if and when we feel when the time is right we would go forward. Even though as parents we have every right to express who we want and don’t want around our kids, I believe in some cases this becomes a gray area. This also is another topic for another day. Now I’m not saying I want to be introduce to all his potentials only to the ones that you might see yourself introducing her to the kids. We both chose to not expose our kids to every person. My kids do not need to know everything mama bear does. I plan everything around my kids schedule such as dates, mommy time and adult fun like girls trips.

There is nothing wrong with finding your groove back.

Do you agree? How soon is too soon? What other ways have worked for you?

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