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Food is are common ground, A universal experience.
— James Beard

Bring in the new year right.

Healthy dishes you gotta try.


Although I’m no home chef, I love to cook. I also love to sit and watch those cooking channels. It’s my go to when I get stuck on what to make for dinner or a special occasion.

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Have you cried out to the food gods lately? Need a few new food inspiration for the dinner table? Maybe a new dessert recipe? Here are my favorite websites that never fail to surprise me and my family. They have step by step guides to help turn your ordinary bake chicken into 4 star worthy.

Food Network

Buzzfeed Food


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Christmas is here!

Here are a few thanksgiving ideas to get your brain going and ideas flowing. Make a statement at the dinner table this year.

The holidays are here….

Fall in love with these 9 holiday drinks to make with your friends and family.

Bring on thanksgiving….

Here are 7 awesome easy thanksgiving recipes you gotta try.

Oh that looks yummy!

Check out these yummy looking party food ideas to have at your next gathering.


Is their any cake left?

Come get inspired to make your next gathering an awesome one. With cake!

Girls night in….

Looking for some fun ideas for your girlfriends to try at your next girls night in? Try these cute and fun adult drinks every mom should try.

Sweet Sweet Goodness

Check out these awesome ideas to fancy up your next dessert table.

Well deserved!

In the mood for dessert? Check this out. Eat with caution but if its your weekend without the kids…eat as much as you want.

Fries Anyone?

Do you love fries like I do? Try out these creative ways to make fries not just for yourself of course. The kids can have some too.

Vegan Friendly

Want to try something on the healthier side? Try these vegan friendly dishes for the whole family.

Is it cheat day yet?

Here are a few healthier versions to our favorite foods to make on your cheat day without going feeling too guilty.

Kid friendly…Mother approved!

If your in need of easy snack ideas for your kid…Try these kid friendly snacks. They are sure to have them running for seconds.