From skin care to beauty products, accessories to baked goods.

It’s more then just hot tea.


Hot Tea Month: January

National Tea Day: April 21st

National Ice Tea Month: June

Tea is always in and your always on the list.

Looking for that next date night recipe with a twist? or your new favorite body lotion? Maybe your in need for your next d.i.y. inspiration. Sugar 4 Tea got your back. From tea infused pasta to the hottest tea infused face cream.

See what tea and its benefits will do for you.

Loving Tea has never been so rewarding.

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Must have beauty trends

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Ready for your summer glow?

Summer is here and its going to be a hot one. Keep your skin healthy and glowing this season with these amazing products that are sure to turn heads.

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The benefits of tea:

A few benefits of tea according a Tea Council of the USA press release are:

  • Tea is a healthy virtually calorie-free, sugar-free, fat free beverage.

  • Studies have shown that tea may improve mental clarity.

  • Tea could aid in the protection from several types of cancers.

  • Drinking tea may support the immune system because of its theanine content.

  • Drinking tea can also support cardiovascular health.

The Tea Trending News:

In today's video I'll tell you about mCaffeine's latest Naked Detox Green Tea Range. This green tea infused hair care range is everything that you need to maintain the health of your hair and to give them the ultimate detox from all impurities and damage.

Indulge in these mouth watering tea infusion dishes...

Check out these d.i.y videos to help kick start your next tea project


14 D.i.y ideas for tea bags that will surely surprise you.

Match skin care routine

How to make: Green tea oil

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing.

Jump into these Tea-tastic drinks for the spring.

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

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