I believe in my goal.

I believe in the progress.

I believe in my mission.


Hey There

My name is Neka. I’m in my 30’s, currently living in Philadelphia. I have two beautiful boys and a very busy life. My overall goal is to be here long enough to see my kids have kids.


Kare Bear (3 yr old) and Bam Bam (6 yr old) these are their nicknames of course.


Don’t count me out

In the picture above I was 235lbs (left) and got down to 204lbs (right). Although its not where I want myself to be, which is 160, I am very proud of myself. I did it all on determination and support. I watched what I ate and worked out 3 days a week. Surprisingly no gym, no diet pills or personal trainer (a great way of saving money by the way). Of course I have a long way to go. I gave myself a whole year to reach my goal. For 2019 I will put my health first not just to lose weight but to become more energize, toned and overall healthy.


Building A Better Me

Its going to take more then just eating well to reach my goal. I know I will be tested dealing with stress, kids, work and everything in between. Not to worry I know I’m built to weather the storm.


January Workout Schedule


I printed out a blank month template and wrote out my whole workout schedule for the month of January. I decided to start out small and do 15 to 30 minute workouts twice a day. That would be about 30 minutes to an hour everyday. I gave myself Saturdays and Mondays off because well honestly I rather not workout on those days. Just my preference. Not bad to start out with.

I also found a running plan for beginners like myself. Although I might not be able to do a run everyday, at least I can break this down in sections and start there.


Apps on the go

Here is a list of apps I am currently using :

Nike Training



If your kids have your phone a lot like mine then this work out book is for you. 100 ways to get a work out in anytime. As an added bonus once you get your phone back you can download this to your phone for those workouts on the go.